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Solar Power

Solar energy, which has been 75% cheaper since it is now already cheaper than any other type of energy produced by coal, oil or gas. But it’s not enough. If solar energy wants to be a global player we have to take into account that it needs to be more profitable than other sources of energy in the short term. In almost 60 countries, solar energy is the cheapest energy to use.


Get Your Home Energy Audit Today and Save For Tomorrow!

A Superior Air Conditioning Company is here to help you understand the energy usage of your home and to avoid future issues with your HVAC unit and other essential home devices. The energy audit provides a space by space evaluation, consisting of the usage of a blower door test that will identify how well the air in your home is infiltrated your ventilation system. It is vital to make sure that your house is up to date on all evaluations and upkeep examinations to keep you and your family (and your wallet) pleased and comfy.

Geothermal Energy and How It Can Benefit You and Your Home

Geothermal energy is natural energy that comes from self-sustainable sources to heat your home or business through the temperatures discovered in the ground. With the ideal devices and resources it is possible to use this stability in the temperature of the ground to heat and cool houses or company. For more information about how you can make your house green and self-sufficient, contact us about geothermal energy for your home.