Great Aluminum Trench Boxes and Shields for Purchase and Lease

Aluminum trench boxes are lighter than those made from steel, therefore are appropriate for smaller sized jobs. The Kundel Safeguard TuffGuy are fantastic for location repair work service with a 5 ′ -21 ′ depth. The boxes are modular panel in layout in addition to consisted of full-length pinless steel upright ends patented by Kundel. Gadgets supplied consist of: spreaders, screw struts, polyester springs, hydraulic struts in addition to spreader adjusters. The side walls are 2 1/2 ′ dual. We in addition have the Kundel V-Panel line for spot repair service. They are fantastic for midsts 9 ′ -20 ′. The side walls are 2 1/2 ′ vertical. V-Panel boxes are simple to haul in addition to transfer around a work website. Variable width panels at each end secure your staff members. The panels have a knife edge near the bottom.


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